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Prominent Sunni Cleric: Islamic unity does not target beliefs of denominations

24 February 2016 18:50



Member of the Assembly of Lebanese Muslim clerics stressed necessity of a single leadership for Muslim world saying that this unity is formed by a unified parliament and leader.

Ahmad El Zain, prominent Lebanese cleric, met with staff of Iran’s Hawza News Agency stressing necessity of Islamic solidarity calling that the true objective of Islam.

Sunni cleric noted,” Islamic unity does not mean to ignore beliefs of different denominations because they are all necessary for our society and some are in proportion with a certain region and the culture of the people.” Adding,” Unity aims at Muslims to convene based on the ideology of monotheism and stress their commonalities.”

Sheikh Ahmad El Zain highlighted common subjects among all Muslims in regards to Fiq’h beliefs demanding for more stress on the commonalities in a bid to arrive unity.

Lebanese scholar underlined necessity of a unified leader for the world of Islam and stressed,” Solidarity will realize with a common parliament and leader and Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic is the best person for the position.”

He said a unified parliament will meet many of the difficulties and disagreements in the world of Islam and will highlight commonalities.

“Some countries are struggling to hatch plots and confront different Islamic denominations against each other in an attempt to weaken Muslim countries and loot their wealth.” said Sheikh Ahmad El Zain referring to the plots of the US, UK and Zionist regime of Israel for Islamic states.

He called Palestine as an example of the Islamic countries looted by enemies and expressed regret that a 1.4 billion Muslims have not succeeded in liberating the Occupied Palestine from the siege of Zionist regime.

Top cleric referred to the issue of Wahhabism and said,” Wahhabism is not a new denomination and it dates back to centuries ago but it is the US and Zionist regime of Israel which is behind Daesh and Takfiri groups since they intend to create countries like Saudi Arabia and Emirates and empower them in a bid to hatch plots in the Middle East region and Muslim countries.”

He concluded that,” At present it is the duty of all Muslim countries to convene based on the leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei and form a unified parliament to make decision to solve the issues.

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