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Hamas Official: No Divide Between Iran, Palestinian Resistance

25 February 2016 18:42



Despite media speculations, Iran will continue to support the Palestinian resistance and there is no divide or crisis between the two, said senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan in an interview with the official website of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

On how and why Iran should continue its support for the resistance, he said, “I believe the Islamic Republic’s support for the cause and the nation of Palestine began before the victory of the Islamic Revolution when the late Imam Khomeini was persecuted by the Shah’s regime and lived in Najaf. Then he issued a verdict that allowed the money collected for khums and zakat (sorts of religious taxing schemes) to be sent to Palestinian resistance fighters.”

He added, “In their narrow ideology, they prioritized Iran over other issues; why would they talk about Palestine? But Imam Khomeini could see that the source of evil in this region was this cancerous tumor. He knew that this evil should be dealt with from the root. After the victory of the Revolution, the most important thing to happen was a strategic change in the region. Change occurred when Iran turned from a supporter of the Zionist regime into a supporter of resistance for the Palestinian nation.”

On the wars with Israel, he said, “The support Iran provided to Palestine and Lebanon led to victories which were unmatched compared to previous years. For 37 years with the support of the Islamic Republic for resistance in Palestine and in Lebanon, by the grace of God, we achieved victories that were unattainable for the greatest armies. We succeeded in driving the occupiers out of Lebanon in 2000, out of Gaza in 2004, and in July 2006 during the 33-day War in Lebanon. We won the fight against the invaders. We won the confrontation in Gaza (December 2008-January 2009) and later in 2012 and 2014, we recorded epics. In all these victories the Islamic Republic of Iran had a role in terms of political, financial and direct support by providing the resistance with all equipment.”

On Iran’s relations with Hamas, Hamdan said, “As far as Hamas is concerned, we are talking about 25 years of relations, at the least, with the Islamic Republic. Naturally, the experience throughout these years will generate a better future. Today, there are many great projects we share with our brothers in the Islamic Republic. One such project started years ago and continues today; we talk about new projects in the framework of resistance and in supporting the Palestinian people’s resistance. Thus, I believe that in the future these relations will greatly improve. We anticipate and wish the day will come when Jerusalem is liberated; God willing that day will come soon. I believe that the entire world will witness that day and on that day we will speak out in great details on how Iran arranged the resistance. Perhaps today certain security issues hinder us from revealing all of details. I will say that any victory the resistance has gained, our Iranian brothers had a role in it.”

On the details of such relations, he said, “In 2014, the occupiers thought they had managed to marginalize the Palestinian cause while in the gloom of other regional events. They believed that the Islamic Republic was too busy with the events in the region and the Arabs distanced themselves from the Palestinian issue. So they thought they could devastate the axis of resistance in the region and their next assault would be targeted at the center of resistance in Lebanon. The enemy attacked Gaza. It’s true that during 51 days of Israeli assault many houses were demolished and thousands of Palestinian children were killed. However, the outcome shocked the enemies because (Hamas) missiles reached Tel Aviv and Haifa. They were traumatized by seeing the forces of resistance combat the occupiers on the front lines and the soldiers of the occupying regime ran away. They were dazed by the facilities that we had and continued to produce, they were unaware. As a precaution, we say it is difficult to talk about the details regarding Iran’s support for the resistance. This is discreet information on the resistance and something undisclosed between us and Iran. Iran is not one of those countries who would boast about supporting the resistance. In fact, Iran’s support for the resistance is more a matter of faith and belief than a political one.”

He further noted, “In 2014, the world witnessed this support and its consequences in facing the enemy before the Intifada began. A short while before the Intifada started, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei called for the arming of the West Bank. Today the Palestinian nation has launched a revolution and I think that the glory of the resistance in the West Bank will be more magnificent than ever.”

With regard to the arming of the West Bank and how it progressed, Hamdan said, “What I can say is that the issue is in the proper direction; no need to talk about the details.”

In conclusion, and with regard to his visit to Tehran, the senior Hamas official said, “We feel at home, we are with our family here. I declare openly and unambiguously that this visit made a clear response to the many rumors, illusions and conspiracies which were aimed at creating problems between Hamas and Iran. Simply put, 25 years of close relations have created many solutions for Palestinian concerns, Palestinian resistance and the Islamic nation at large. This relationship will not be damaged by rumors or schemes or distress here and there. This alliance will continue and will improve. It is one of the most important relations that determine the future of Palestine.”

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