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South Koreans hold ‘ghost protest’ over free speech

25 February 2016 10:40


South Koreans have held a holographic “ghost protest” in capital Seoul against what organizers describe as the erosion of free speech and assembly in the East Asian country.

The virtual demonstration, organized by Amnesty International Korea, was held as dozens of protesters appeared on a giant screen in central Seoul on Wednesday.

Blue hologram images of the protesters were shown on the screen, waving banners and chanting slogans such as “public rally is our right” and “don’t stifle voices of the people.”

Dozens of people took to the streets to watch the virtual demonstration, which was the second such protest in the world following a similar event in Spain last April.

Some people also gathered before the screen, holding a placard that read, “Assembly is a human right.”

Chief Secretary of Amnesty Korea Kim Hee-jin said “the freedom of assembly and demonstration has become a ghost” in Korea.

“Authorities are banning more and more public protests, especially in central Seoul, citing reasons like traffic jams or public inconvenience,” Kim said.

“We wanted to show that the situation has become so restrictive that only ghosts like these may freely march on the street,” she added.

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