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4 Saudi Regime Fighter Jets Landed in Turkey’s İncirlik Base

26 February 2016 18:52

4 Saudi fighter jets landed in Turkey’s İncirlik Base

Zionist Saudi regime warplanes arrived at Turkey’s İncirlik base on Friday to take part in aerial missions against the ISIL in Syria, according to turkey’s officials.

Presidential spokesman İbrahim Kalın said at a news conference in Ankara that the Saudi military aircrafts have begun arriving at İncirlik but did not provide details as to how many aircraft have arrived so far, todays zaman reports.

Private Doğan news agency said four warplanes arrived at the base.

The Saudi deployment comes as a US and Russia-engineered cease-fire in Syria is due to take effect at midnight on Friday. The truce agreement, however, does not cover ISIL, Syria’s al-Qaeda branch known as the Nusra Front, or any other militia designated as a terrorist group by the UN Security Council.

Citing diplomatic sources, private broadcaster CNN Türk reported on Thursday that two C-130 military cargo planes, carrying approximately 30 Saudi Air Force personnel and military equipment had already arrived at İncirlik on Tuesday to prepare for the deployment of fighter jets. It said four F-15s were due to be deployed at the base.

With the arrival of the Saudi jets, there are now five foreign countries with aircraft at İncirlik for military missions in Syria. It also marks the first time Saudi warplanes have been deployed at a Turkish base for military operations.

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