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Elections ‘No’ to US, UK, Zionist regime: Ayatollah Jannati

26 February 2016 18:46



Elections are ‘No’ to US, Zionist regime and UK, Head of Guardian Council Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said on Friday.

The cleric made the remarks after casting his votes for the fifth round of Assembly of Experts and the 10th parliament election on Friday.
He called the elections as ‘No’ to US, Zionist regime and UK, adding that elections are tridents that target US, UK and Zionist regime.
Ayatollah Jannati urged people to vote in support of those who understand poor’s problems and are against arrogant powers.
Iranians went to the polls in over 1,063 constituencies for the fifth round of the Assembly of Experts and the 10th parliamentary elections.
Polling started in Iran at 8 am local time (04:30 GMT) in over 52,000 polling stations nationwide.
Some 54,915, 024 Iranians are eligible to participate in the event.
Currently, the Parliament has 290 representatives fourteen of whom represent non-Muslim religious minorities. Women constitute about eight percent of the Parliament members.
A total of 4,844 hopefuls, including about 500 women, who have been qualified from amongst 12,000 registered candidates by the Guardian Council, are taking part in the race today to occupy parliamentary seats. At least 21 people will vie for each seat in the legislature.
The elected candidates will serve from May 3, 2016 for a four-year term.
In the capital Tehran, more than 1,000 candidates are competing for just 30 parliamentary seats.
The Assembly of Experts will also see its 88 members elected today by the people for another eight-year term.
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