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Top Houthi commander meets with tribal factions in Taiz

26 February 2016 18:45



Prominent Houthi field commander reportedly met with local tribal fighters inside several villages in the Taiz Governorate on Thursday, traveling as far as the Dhubab and Mocha coasts in order to mobilize fighters and discuss plans to confront Coalition forces in the coastal areas.

According to Yemen media Saadah News, the Yemeni army and tribal fighters from the coastal Taiz region affirmed that Yemeni forces will declare full steadfastness to confront Coalition invaders in the coastal regions of southwest Taiz province.

Presented participants included top leaders such as Supreme Revolutionary Committee (SRC) appointed Taiz governor Abdul Mohamed al-Jundi, and prominent Houthi field commander Major General Abu Ali Hakim al-Houthi who is the acting commander of 4th Military Region and 35th Brigade. Abu Ali is one of few Yemeni leaders currently under UN sanctions.

The participants stressed the overall readiness to fully secure the coastal areas and vowed to defeat the remaining remnants of invaders, occupiers and mercenaries. They also stressed the inevitability of the confrontation and promised a credible, divine victory in a just cause. Recently, the Houthi-led Yemeni Army and Popular Committee forces have made several advances inside the Taiz Governorate, capturing the coastal areas of Dhubab, as well as inner region of Jabal Habashi and Waziyah. This also comes after “Blackwater” mercenaries reportedly pulled out from the coastal front after suffered heavy casualties.

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