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North Korea says has developed new laser-guided anti-tank weapon

27 February 2016 16:04


North Korea says it has developed a new laser-guided weapon that could turn enemy tanks into “boiled pumpkins.”

The state news agency KCNA said Saturday North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had observed the fire tests of the rocket.

It described the weapon a portable, laser-guided rocket,saying it possessed the “longest firing range in the world” and was “as accurate as a sniper’s rifle.”

“He noted with great satisfaction that even the special armored tanks and cars of the enemies which boast their high maneuverability and striking power are no more than a boiled pumpkin before the anti-tank guided weapon,” KCNA said.

According to the report, Kim further ordered the mass production of the weapon as soon as possible and called for its deployment to frontline units and coastal defense units.

The development comes amid continuing fuel shortages in the nation, which is expected to exasperate further if the United Nations decides to slap Pyongyang with tough new sanctions over its nuclear test and long-range rocket launch earlier in the year.

North Korea, which is under UN sanctions over its nuclear tests and missile launches, accuses the US of plotting with regional allies to topple its government.

The country says it will not relinquish its nuclear deterrence unless Washington ends its hostile policy toward Pyongyang and dissolves the US-led UN command in South Korea.

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