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Govt. ready to cooperate with new parliament

1 March 2016 15:45



Iranian President said the government, respectful to the popular votes, is ready to cooperate with the new Parliament.

Rouhani made the remarks at the 3rd Iran Automotive Industry International Conference which opened in Tehran on Monday.

He expressed hope the conference would provide opportunities for the partnership of domestic and foreign companies and the presence of Iran’s car industry in the global automotive scene.

Stating that cooperation should be more considered than before, Rouhani said the country is in a situation that after several years of severe and illegal sanctions against people and industry, the development path has faced disorders.

It was necessary, he noted, to logically tell the world that Iranian people seek peace, security and cooperation with the world.

“In 2014, Iranian nation told they want moderation, not extremism. People told they want interaction with the world, not confrontation; they said they want to resolve problems at the negotiating table,” Rouhani underlined.

He pointed to his first European trip, saying one of the issues discussed during the talks with European officials, was transportation and car industry.

“The agreements show the path has been opened for movement and growth of the automotive industry,” he added.

Providing car industry with needed quality and competition power is the key factor in our government, Rouhani said, adding boundless support for an industry results in the removal of that industry from global competition, that is, producing lower quality with higher price.

Addressing the recent Parliament and Assembly of Experts elections on Feb. 26, Rouhani hailed the Iranian nation for its massive participation in the country’s twin elections.

He expressed gratitude for the aware and determined nation, whose turnout at the polls displayed the brilliant face of religious democracy to the world.

President Rouhani described the elections as the inspiration of movement in the body of society to participate in the development and welfare of society.

“The country which lacks elections, and that public voting is not dominant over the fate of its nation, is certainly not alive and dynamic,” he underlined.

President Rouhani underlined that the nation of a country specifies the path of development and governance practices. “In cases where there are different views on domestic and foreign policies, public votes will determine the correct path for the country,” he added.

The 4-day event of Automotive Industry International Conference is aimed at helping international car makers get a better view of the Iranian auto market.

The conference hosts over 363 domestic and 138 foreign companies from 32 countries.

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