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“Iran election proves people’s support for Islamic system.”

1 March 2016 7:34



Hujjat-ul-Islam Sadeq Golzadeh, cultural deputy at World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) related his views on Parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections on February 26, 2016 calling Iranian nation as people of constructive competitions stressing religious fraternity as the ideology of the people.

Q: What is the reason for importance of this election and what role does it play in the political arena of the country?

A: Time and its necessities are quite important in promotion of human being. Life moves on the axis of time same way that ruling, government, civility, democracy and people are all faced with different natural capacities.

Islamic Republic of Iran, in its 37th year of its blessed life, has conquered high peaks of success. The fragile movement has turned into a mighty body. We have developed our thoughts and ideologies in a certain geography which has become globalized. Our revolution was a cultural uprising and this ideology and culture has been exported to the world.

Iran is now recognized as a regional power in all aspects and Islamic Republic of Iran is acting in an axis beyond the region. At present, in a post-JCPOA era and challenges of the world powers with Iran, this is our country which has the last word in regional issues in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and other countries. They have recognized importance of coping with Iran.

We also should speak in a universal language and this is language of democracy. The recent election in Iran proved Islamic Revolution’s power of negotiation, support of the people for Islamic system and also obedience of the nation from Islamic Revolution. This was a vote to the sacred system of the Islamic Republic and to determination of the Islamic Iran.

Q: What message does this election convey to the world?
A: The messages is “yes” to constitution, “yes” to obedience of the jurisprudence, “yes” to honor and determination of Islamic Iran. The message is competition until election and friendship after the election.

Now that competition is over, it is time for friendship same way that this year has been called as the year for cooperation and sympathy. Now that the natural excitement of the election is alleviated, we have to seriously pursue our friendship.

We will announce to the world that we Iranians are bend for constructive rivalry and religious intimacy is our ideology. We will defend our country in confrontation with enemies and stand by each other.

Q: What are the responsibilities of the authorities after the massive participation of the people in election?

A: I quote the Supreme Leader of the Islamic republic that when we say competition is over and it is time for friendship, it means everyone should struggle to serve material, spiritual, political, social, ideological and cultural necessities of the nation.

We should all cooperate for ascendance and promotion of Iran in the light of Islam and guidelines of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

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