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Syrian Army Retakes Aleppo-Khanaser Road in Aleppo

1 March 2016 14:58

Syrian Army Retakes Aleppo-Khanaser Road in Aleppo


The Syrian army troops have regained the Aleppo-Khanaser road and other areas in Aleppo, inflicted heavy losses upon ISIS terrorists in personnel and ranks and destroyed their weapons, according to Syrian Arab News Agency.

A military source told SANA that Army and Armed Forces units, in cooperation with supporting forces, restored security and stability fully to Aleppo-Khanaser road after eliminating the remaining gatherings of ISIS terrorists in the surroundings of the road.

Earlier, the source said the Syrian Air Force destroyed positions and vehicles for ISIS terrorist organization in the villages of al-Uwainiyeh, Um Mayal and al-Qulai’a in Aleppo countryside.

The source also said army units expanded the secure area around Aleppo-Hama road by restoring security and stability to new areas.

A field source told SANA that Army units, in cooperation with popular defense groups, restored stability and security to the village of Tallat al-Hamam to the south of Khanaser town at southeastern side of Aleppo after eliminating the last gatherings of terrorists there..

The units also controlled the surrounding mountains around the village after inflicting heavy losses in personnel and ranks of ISIS terrorists.

Meanwhile, Army engineering units continued dismantling explosives and mines planted in the area.


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