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Terrorists Sustain Major Losses in Clashes with Army in Syria’s Deir Ezzur

1 March 2016 14:30



The Syrian Army inflicted heavy casualties on the ISIL terrorists after the militant group’s offensives on the government forces’ positions in the Northwestern part of Deir Ezzur were thwarted.

The ISIL’s large-scale assaults on the government forces’ positions in al-Baqaliyeh district, the hilltop of Tal al-Rawad, the Firat al-Sham Hotel and the nearby al-Jazeera University were defended by the Syrian army.

The ISIL began its assault by striking the Syrian army’s positions at Tal al-Rawad; this resulted in a violent battle that lasted for most of the day until the terrorist group finally retreated North in order to evade the Russian fighters jets’ attacks.

The ISIL later stormed al-Jazeera University, where some of the most intense firefights were reported between the terrorist group and the government forces.

The ISIL attack was fended off and they left behind at least 25 dead members and fled the battlefield.

The ISIL also withdrew from the Firat al-Sham Hotel after losing 18 combatants during the fierce battle with the Syrian Armed Forces.

Several foreigners from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Iraq, Morocco and Egypt were among the ISIL killed members in the failed attacks.

On Monday, the Syrian army and air force heavily pounded and destroyed the military positions and gathering centers of the ISIL terrorists in Deir Ezzur province.

The Takfiri terrorists’ military positions were razed down by the army units in al-Hamidiyeh, al-Haweiqa, al-Izza and al-Sina’ah districts in Deir Ezzur city.

The Syrian air force also annihilated the ISIL’s military positions and gathering centers in al-Jafra village in the Eastern part of Deir Ezzur province, killing score of militants and destroying their machinegun-equipped military vehicles.

Meantime, other army units destroyed the gathering centers of the ISIL terrorists in Bu Kamal town, killing scores of terrorists in al-Ketf and Mosmekar regions.

Also, the ISIL’s gathering centers, a satellite communication station and a fuel reservoir were destroyed in Sfaira al-Fouqani village.

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