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Hamas: Settlers will enjoy no more security in the West Bank

3 March 2016 19:34



The Hamas Movement has said that the recurrence of attacks against Israeli settlements in the West Bank affirms that the days of security for their residents have gone. In press remarks on Thursday, Hamas spokesman Husam Badran applauded the successful stabbing attack which was carried out by two Palestinian young men at Har Bracha settlement south of Nablus on Wednesday evening and led to the injury of two Israeli soldiers.

He also hailed the shooting attack that led to the injury of one soldier last night near Rechelim settlement in Nablus. The spokesman said that these two heroic operations, which took place one day after two young men carried out a break-in at Eli settlement, entrenched a state of terror among the settlers in the West Bank despite their presence in fortified settlements. He stressed that the coming days would bring more surprises for the West Bank settlers, who persist in attacking the residents of the Palestinian towns and villages under military protection.

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