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Iraqi Forces Make Major Gains in Salahuddin

3 March 2016 16:40



Iraqi Army and popular forces on Thursday managed to make major gains in Salhuddin province for a third consecutive day.

The Iraqi forces managed to purge more ISIL militants from the western parts of the province, recapturing at least 8 villages, or 95 percent of the island.

Meantime, the operations command in Samarra announced the killing of ISIL security commander in Samarra Island in Salahuddin province.

The command told Iraqi news agency, Furat News, that the Iraqi air force killed the terrorists Hayawi Mohammad Khamis al-Nisyani along with his assistant Bashar al-Bazi and 13 other terrorists in an airstrike south of Samarra Island, as it is called without being an island.

The command noted that the strike was based on intelligence information.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, the Iraqi forces, backed by volunteer fighters managed to seize the oil refinery along with several surrounding points in the area.

The operations commands said thatIraqi allied forces started on Wednesday the second stage of the military operation in Salahuddin which is aimed at purging ISIL terrorists.

Iraqi volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) have already voiced their readiness to seize back two key regions in Salahuddin province.

“The volunteer forces will begin their military operations to take control of the strategic Sharqat and al-Sarsar regions in Salahuddin province,” the volunteer forces commanders said.

Al-Sarsar region is located to the West of Samarra and to the North of Ramadi city. This highly strategic region links several Iraqi provinces.

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