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Terrorists Driven Back from More Positions in Syria’s Aleppo

3 March 2016 7:34



The ISIL terrorists in Eastern Aleppo on Wednesday retreated from their positions after they came under a massive attack by the Syrian army and popular forces.

The Syrian government forces stormed the ISIL stronghold near the village of Fah and forced the terrorist group to pull forces back from the village and nearby farms.

The ISIL suffered a heavy death toll and its military equipment also sustained major damage in the attack.

The village and its farms are under the full control of the Syrian army and its allies.

The ISIL’s attempts to transfer a large number of fighters from al-Bab Plateau to unknown location failed after the Russian air fleet struck the convoy while passing through the villages of ‘Ein al-Jahish, Abu Taltal, Touman, al-Shamawiyah, Sheikh Dun, and al-Bayrat.

The Syrian air forces killed several ISIL combatants and destroyed over 10 armored vehicles in their attacks.

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