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Inhuman zionist Saudi Royalty Panicked by Axis of Resistance’s Victories in Entire Region

4 March 2016 17:15


Moving from confusion to recklessness before reaching disappointment…It is the void cycle that Saudi’s Salman involved the “Charity Kingdom” in.

After receiving the first strike of the nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers, Saudi started to experience panic because of the historic steadfastness of the Syrian president Bashar Assad and allies.

The axis of resistance managed in Syria to strike the atonement scheme which was led and funded by the Saudi royalty.

After massacring the civilians in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq  and Yemen, Saudi’s rashness reached the extent of blacklisting Hezbollah as a terrorist group.

Many of Saudi allies were embarrassed and obliged to take into account the commands of the “Charity Kingdom,” while others could not tolerate KSA’s decision.As the decision which labeled Hezbollah as a terrorist group was taken, a storm of condemnations erupted in all the Arab countries to reject the Saudi escalation against the Resistance.

In addition to Iraq and Lebanon, Algeria abstained from supporting the decision. Moreover, wide public and political denouncements were launched in Tunisia whose president rejected to support the Saudi resolution.

The latest reports assert that Saudi will keep on escalating its stances against Hezbollah in order to match the Zionist attempts to strike the Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine.

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