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Innocents Orphans Being Trained as Next Generation of Terrorists

4 March 2016 16:58
ISIS VIDEO: Innocents Orphans Being Trained as Next Generation of Terrorists

New ISIS propaganda video shows an orphanage full of children who’s their terrorists parents have been killed and now are being trained as the next generation of ISIS terrorists.



The clip which is produced in Nineveh province of Iraq, initially starts by showing the ISIS orphans playing with toys and being fed. Then showing a group of young boys carry out military exercises.

The clip has been labelled as ‘Caring for Orphans within the Islamic State’.  In this video ISIS (also IS, ISIL or Daesh) shows a group of boys dressed in their camouflage uniform training combat exercises.

It is not the first time the terror group has used children in a video. Footage posted last month by ISIS supporters showed an 11-year-old boy kneeling down to kiss his father’s hand before blowing himself up in a truck laden with explosives, Daily Mail reports.

Jihadi Junior

Also a four-year-old British boy dubbed as “Jihadi Junior”- who is the son of a Muslim convert Grace Khadija Dare from south east London- was filmed apparently detonating a bomb, which killed four prisoners in the group’s latest execution video.


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