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Hypocrites Declare Hezbollah Terrorist Group: Come Again?

5 March 2016 9:55



The reactionary monarchies of the Persian Gulf have decided to put the cart before the horse, declaring Lebanon’s Hezbollah a terrorist group – with blatant sectarian incitement and torrents of weaponized religious Fatwas.

The six-nation Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait) added Hezbollah to its so-called list of “terrorist” organizations without providing any evidence for their allegations. For the US allies whose main exports include extremist outfits of the Al-Qaeda and ISIL variety, labelling the Lebanese political party as a terrorist organization takes their hypocrisy to a whole new level:

1-The House of Saud and its partners in crime have lost the twin wars on Syria and Yemen. Repeat, their plan to fund the “moderate” head choppers in Syria is not working out quite as anticipated – in the face of the counter-terror alliance of Iran, Syria, Russia and Hezbollah. By declaring Hezbollah a terrorist group, they cannot turn the tables.

2-The regime changers, with a helping hand from the United States and Turkey, created the internationally-recognized terrorist groups of ISIL and Al-Qaeda. The terror proxies have been committing war crimes against the people of Yemen, Iraq and Syria. The Arab monarchies are therefore implicated since they are aiding and abetting these extremist outfits.

3-The Arab monarchies took a series of measures against Hezbollah since Riyadh halted a $4-billion aid pledge to Lebanon’s security forces. The aid suspension came after Beirut did not follow Riyadh’s lead and refused to endorse joint anti-Iran statements at separate meetings in Cairo and Jeddah.

4-A day before the move, Hezbollah Secretary General Seyed Hassan Nasrallah lashed out at Riyadh for its smear campaign against the resistance. In his words, the House of Saud spreads lies about Hezbollah and wrongly accuses the resistance of sowing sectarian strife between the Shiites and the Sunnis. He also denounced the Arab world’s silence in the face of Riyadh’s aggression on Yemen. Obviously, this didn’t go well at the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council.

5-It is not Hezbollah but Riyadh which seeks to fuel sectarian conflict in Lebanon just like the one it has waged against Yemen and Syria. This comes as the Arab monarchies themselves stand accused of fuelling sectarianism throughout the region. Sectarianism is the bread and butter of Salafis and Wahhabis. Calls for retaliation and jihad against Shiites and Hezbollah by hard-line Saudi clerics should be seen within this context.

6-The Saudis are transforming political conflicts into religious struggles and making the bloodshed in the region harder to contain. The pro-Saudi political dynamics has failed, and they are desperate to avoid further defeat and humiliation. They are deliberately targeting Hezbollah to save face.

Suffice it to say, it is the United States, the international Zionism, and the Saudi-led Wahhabi-Takfiri associates that are tearing the Muslim world apart. Riyadh and its Wahhabi-Industrial Complex spread racial and sectarian hatred, all while promoting the US Congress bill which seeks the division of Iraq and Syria along ethnic-sectarian lines.

Despite all of this, the awkward move by Washington’s minions to ban Hezbollah as a terrorist organization will have minimal effects on the resistance movement’s political and military clout. The wealthy funders of the Persian Gulf who helped the rise of ISIL and Al-Qaeda to prominence are to blame for the rise of terrorism and extremism in the Middle East, as well as the worsening Syrian refugee crisis in Europe. They are not fit to tell us what constitutes as terrorism and what does not.

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