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Sheikh Zahhar: Hamas refuses to establish a statelet in Gaza

5 March 2016 10:01



Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahhar has reiterated his Movement’s refusal to establish a statelet in the Gaza Strip, stressing its continuous support for an independent state on the entire Palestinian land without ceding a grain of its soil.   Zahhar made his remarks during a Friday khutba (sermon) he delivered in a Mosque in Gaza.

He accused the world of using deception, lies and misinformation to continue its support for the Israeli occupation, and being accomplice in fighting and besieging the Palestinian people. The Hamas official emphasized that “the Palestinian cause is an issue of religion and faith and not a factional position,” affirming that the Palestinian question can only be solved through armed resistance.

In another context, Zahhar condemned the Palestinian Authority for persisting in its security collaboration with the Israeli occupation. “Those who collaborate with the occupation and support it against our people are part of it because such cooperation and security coordination are a religious sin and not a political position,” he said.

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