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Why Chavez was the Al- Najashi (Negrus) of our Era?

5 March 2016 19:50

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…With the awakening in the Islamic World and adopting their real religious in the New World(Latin American Countries) Christians who all with Islamic World(Latin american Countries collaborating with Islamic Iran) and Bible to integrate and subject to Quran, the two fearsome events in the future will be endured with celestial solidarity and hopefully prevail against them.
Most certainly there is also no doubt that since the Qur’an of Miraculous Exposition, which each century for one thousand three hundred and sixty years has had three hundred and fifty million students, and sets the seal on each of its pronouncements and claims through the affirmation of millions of profound, veracious scholars, and each minute has been present with its sacredness in the hearts of millions of hafiz’s and given instruction to mankind through their tongues, and which in a way unmatched by any other book conveys the good news of eternal life and everlasting happiness to mankind and heals all their wounds, —since the Qur’an has given this certain good news of eternal life and happiness with thousands of its insistent, powerful and repeated verses, and with its certain unshakeable proofs and innumerable indubitable arguments which invite and give news explicitly and implicitly tens of thousands of times, so long as human kind does not altogether lose its mind and a material or immaterial doomsday does not erupt over its head, the broad masses and great states in the world will search out the Qur’an of Miraculous Exposition, and having grasped its truths, will embrace it with all their lives and spirits, just as there are [now] famous preachers in Sweden, Norway, Finland and England working to have the Qur’an accepted, and the important community of Latin America is searching for the true religion. Because in view of this fact, the Qur’an by no means has —nor can have— any equal. Absolutely nothing can take the place of this greatest miracle.



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