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Bodies partially dissolved in acid barrels found in Mexico

6 March 2016 10:03



Partially dissolved remains of several people have been found in acid filled barrels in Mexico’s central Puebla state.

Local authorities discovered ten barrels along with nine plastic bags filled with mutilated human remains in the municipality of San Andres Calpan on Thursday.

“It’s likely more than three people, we still need to study the contents of the bags,” a source from the state prosecutor’s office said on Saturday.

Three male pelvic bones have so far been identified, one of which belongs to a 50-year-old, the source added.

According to an official statement, the bodies are probably linked to an incident in the neighboring municipality of Cuautlancingo.

On Tuesday, armed men raided an illegal cockfight and killed and kidnapped several people.

Four missing people complaints have so far been issued over the kidnappings, although police believe the actual number of abductees is actually higher.

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