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Iraqi Police Chief’s Brother Arrested with Explosives Destined for Karbala

6 March 2016 19:06



The Iraqi security forces thwarted a plot hatched by the brother of al-Anbar police chief to send explosives to the holy city of Karbala.

Nasif Jassem al-Khatabi, the head of Karbala province’s council, was quoted by al-Soumeriya news website as saying that the security forces arrested Falah Razij, the brother of al-Anbar police chief, and two other members of the ISIL terrorist group who sought to enter Karbala with a vehicle loaded with explosives.

Karbala is one of the secure Iraqi provinces in which the security and intelligence forces have been able to foil all ISIL group’s terrorist plots.

Karbala hosts the holy shrines of the Shiites’ third Imam, Hossein (AS) and his half brother Abolfazl (AS).

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