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ISIS Terrorists Popping Super Pill after Launching Multi-Million Pound Drugs Ring

6 March 2016 12:01

ISIS Fighters Popping Super Pill After Launching Multi-Million Pound Drugs Ring

ISIS militants are producing a new Viagra-type drug to fuel them in battle and boost their bloodthirsty regime by millions of pounds.

The amphetamines, called captagon, could now be bringing the terrorists more money than their oil revenues.

As well as flooding the illegal drugs market with the new high, ISIS maniacs are popping the pills to find the courage to perform beheadings or throw prisoners off high rise buildings.

The drug, produced in Syria, also has a Viagra-type property according to authorities, which has made is big hit in other Arab countries where men use it to boost their sex drive.

A number of drugs busts have brought to light the scale of the new drugs war, as the amount seized in Syria in just one year are worth $250m (£177m), a report by Syria’s Drug Enforcement Agency said.

General Maamun Ammuri, head of the agency, said authorities had stopped shipments amounting to 24million captagon capsules in 2015 alone, with one pill selling for up to $10.

He said: “Our documents indicate that drug traffickers are terrorist groups with two goals: first, to spread this poison in areas under the control of the ISIS group to fund themselves and buy weapons.

“And second, for its fighters to use so that they become numb to their own criminal activities, like beheadings and executions.”

Captagon is classified by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime as an “amphetamine-type stimulant” and usually blends amphetamines, caffeine and other substances.

A former opposition fighter who is now a refugee said he used to take captagon with his fellow fighters “to eliminate fatigue and fear so we could stay up longer.”

He said: “It made us brave and gave us extraordinary energy.”

Drug production is widespread, with another 12million captagon capsules seized in just December last year, giving an idea to how much money is being made by terrorist groups who target oil rich Gulf countries for their export market.

Another five million capsules were discovered en route from Syria’s Mediterranean port of Tartus to Kuwait, and other large amounts were confiscated along the Turkish borders.

A Syrian rebel admitted opposition factions produce captagon, but said it was strictly to generate funds for rebel groups and members were banned from partaking,Express reported.


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