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‘No more chance for tribal regimes to survive’

6 March 2016 19:17



A top Iranian lawmaker said certain “tribal governments” in the Islamic world will have to face a downfall sooner or later, a conclusion that even the US has come to.

According to Tasnim news agency, speaking at a Sunday session of the (Majlis) parliament, Vice-Speaker Mohammad Reza Bahonar warned the “mercenary” rulers that their tribal regimes are not going to continue in the Muslim world.

He also took a swipe at certain despotic Arab monarchs for working in favor of Zionist regime, such as providing secret military supports for the Tel Aviv regime in the previous wars on the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement

Bahonar then deplored the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council’s hostile measure to classify Hezbollah as a terrorist group.

He described the move as a decision to serve the interests of the Zionist regime of Israel and the US.

The Arab monarchies of the PGCC, spearheaded by Saudi Arabia, declared Hezbollah movement, which has been fighting terrorist groups in Syria and the Israeli occupation, a “terrorist group.”

The six-nation council officially added Hezbollah and all groups affiliated to its so-called list of terrorist organizations.

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