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Syrian Army Thwarts Terrorists’ Attempts to Capture Hama-Aleppo Supply Route

6 March 2016 10:18



The ISIL attempts to capture part of a strategic road connecting Hama to Aleppo were fended off by the Syrian Army troops.

The ISIL attacked on the positions of the Syrian army along Ithriya-Khanaser road near the village of Sheikh Hillal to capture the supplying line but they failed.

The army later closed the road and did not permit any vehicle to pass.

A few hours later the Syrian government force pushed the militants back and reopened the road.

The ISIL left behind several killed or wounded members and fled the battlefield.

The Ithriya-Khanaser road is now open and is under full control of the Syrian soldiers.

On Friday, the Syrian officials announced that the militants deployed in a number of villages across the West-Central province of Hama agreed to join the truce with the Syrian government forces.

“Over 30 villages in the Hama province have agreed to reconcile with the government after a Russian delegation facilitated a rapprochement between the fighting sides,” sources said

The location and names of these villages were not announced by the Syrian officials; however, they are most likely located in Southern Hama, where the terrorist groups are still fighting the government forces.

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