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Terrorists Retreat From More Positions in Syria’s Hama

6 March 2016 19:07


The terrorists of al-Nusra Front left behind dozens of dead or wounded members and fled their positions Southwest of Hama province under the heavy attacks of the Syrian Army and popular forces.

The Syrian army troops and the National Defense Forces pushed back the militants of al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front from the village of Madajen in the Northern part of Hirbnafsa following a several-hour battle with the terrorists.

Nusra suffered a heavy death toll and its military equipment sustained major damage in the attacks.

On Saturday, the ISIL attempts to capture part of a strategic road connecting Hama to Aleppo were fended off by the Syrian Army troops.

The ISIL attacked on the positions of the Syrian army along Ithriya-Khanaser road near the village of Sheikh Hillal to capture the supplying line but they failed.

The army later closed the road and did not permit any vehicle to pass.

A few hours later the Syrian government force pushed the militants back and reopened the road.

The ISIL left behind several killed or wounded members and fled the battlefield.


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