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Iran smashes terrorist cell in south

7 March 2016 19:01


Iranian security forces have disbanded a terrorist group which was planning to carry out acts of sabotage in the country.

The members of the group were killed in an armed operation by Iranian security forces on Sunday night in the southern province of Khuzestan before the terror group could conduct any acts of terror, IRNA reported on Monday.

Iranian security personnel have been monitoring all moves by the terrorists over the past month.

Iran’s Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi said on February 28 that the country’s security forces had defused two terror plots in southeastern and northwestern parts of the country ahead of the general elections two days earlier.

Alavi told reporters that a “Takfiri element” was identified in Iran’s southeastern border regions on February 8, and added that the terrorist carried two remote-control handmade bombs.

The minister said on February 24, Iranian intelligence and security forces also arrested members of a terrorist group that intended to infiltrate into the country via western border areas and carry out acts of terror inside Iran.

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