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“(P) GCC measure was positive step for Zionist regime.”

10 March 2016 13:49


Kamel al Refa’ee, member of Loyalty to Resistance Bloc in Lebanon Parliament, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) referred to recent victories by the resistance movement against Takfiri (excommunication) groups, failure of the main supporters of anti-Islam plots and also proving the relations of these countries with the Zionist regime as the reasons for listing of Hezbollah as terrorist group by (P) GCC members.

He highlighted importance of Palestine as number one issue of Muslim world for Hezbollah and that the resistance states Zionist regime as its true enemy.

“Zionist regime tries to marginalize the issue of Palestine and strip it of all its supporters; therefore, we have been witness to organized and massive invasions against Hezbollah.” noted Lebanese MP.

He noted,” Regarding the objectives of Hezbollah, it is quite natural that such issues happen and allies of the Zionist regime take such measures.” and added,” The measure by (P)GCC was a positive step for the Zionist regime when it is welcoming the statement as a great achievement.”

He said the next step against Hezbollah has been economic pressures and severing aids by Saudi Arabia.

Kamel AL Refa’ee noted,” Issue of Palestine is not important for Saudi Arabia rather it is Iraq, Yemen and Syria which are prioritized to Palestine.”

Lebanese MP expressed hope that Saudi Arabia returns to the right path and prioritizes the issue of Palestine on top of its issues.

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