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Syria: ISIL Terrorists Retreating towards Raqqa under Heavy Offensives of Gov’t Forces

11 March 2016 23:10



The recent victories of the Syrian Army and the popular forces in the Southeastern territories of Aleppo province have left no choice for the ISIL but to pull forces back from the battlefields to neighboring Raqqa province, battlefield sources said.

“Over the past few days, the ISIL defense lines in Southeastern Aleppo has completely collapsed as government troops keep pushing towards ISIL in Raqqah province,” the sources said.

“Within days, government troops recaptured the Khanasser-Aleppo road; meanwhile, ISIL forces lost hundreds of their fighters. Subsequently, the ISIL now suffers from inadequate manpower in the region. Meanwhile, the 4th Mechanized Division has received reinforcements from elsewhere in the Aleppo governorate,” the sources added.

“The ISIL has now set up a new defensive line East of Jabboul Lake. By doing so, ISIL commanders intend to prevent the Syrian army from capturing Deir Hader, Tabqa Airbase and Jirah Airbase,” the sources said.

“If the aforementioned sites are lost to the Syrian government forces, ISIL will be expelled from Northern Syria and will be forced to set up a desperate last stance defense at Raqqa city itself,” the sources went on to say.

Raqqa is the self-proclaimed capital of the ISIL.

On Thursday, the Syrian army and popular forces, supported by Hezbollah fighters, restored full security to the last chunk of Khanasser-Aleppo-Ithriya road.

The Syrian Army and Hezbollah fighters stormed the positions of ISIL militants across the vitally strategic road connecting Hama’s Ithriya to Aleppo’s Khanasser and seized its full control in November.

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