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Syrian Army Engages in Heavy Fighting with ISIL in Homs

11 March 2016 23:14



The Syrian Army troops, backed up by the Russia fighter bombers, stormed the ISIL concentration centers in the Western and Southwestern sides of the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) and inflicted major casualties on the terrorists on Friday.

The two regions of al-Duweh and Jabal al-Hayal were the scenes of fierce clashes between the Syrian army and the ISIL Takfiri terrorists.

Army sources said, at least 12, ISIL terrorists were killed and several more were injured in the army attack in one of the fronts, while the terrorists sustained heavier casualties in the second battlefield.

Earlier reports said that the Syrian fighter jets carried out several combat flights over the ISIL terrorists’ concentration centers in the Eastern part of Homs province and inflicted major losses on the militants.

Over 20 ISIL terrorists were killed and fifty more were wounded after the group’s positions in two regions of al-Duweh and Jabal Hayal near Palmyra  came under the heavy airstrikes of the Russian warplanes.

The Russian air fleets’ operation near Palmyra provided very good aerial support for the Syrian ground forces, who for their part, inflicted major casualties on the terrorists.

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