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Syrian Army Seizes Israeli-Made Arms Cargo in Sweida

11 March 2016 7:24



The Syrian army made another arms cargo seizure in the Southern province of Sweida on Thursday, military sources said, adding that the cargo contained Israeli-made weapons destined for the terrorists.

Military sources said the seizure was made on a road in the Northern parts of Sweida province, adding that the vehicle was carrying the arms form the al-Lajat for the militants lurking in the Syrian desert.

The sources added that the seized shipment included some arms with Hebrew engravings which clearly show the origin of the arms was Israel.

Syrian army soldiers and National Defense Forces (NDF) on Wednesday, stopped a vehicle laden with a large amount of ammunition and almost half a ton of TNT explosives on a road between Sweida and Dara’a province.

Military sources said the seizure of the vehicle was done on a remote road between two towns of Beka and Smad in Southern Sweida province near the Syrian-Jordanian border, as it was carrying the ammunition from the Dara’a for the militants in the Syrian desert.

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