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‘Fatemeh (SA) deeply revered by Sunnis’: Prominent Sunni cleric

12 March 2016 13:01



Friday Prayer Leader of Zahidan, Molavi Abdol Hamid Esmaeil Zahi hailed Hazrat Fatima (SA) as a beacon of inspiration for all Muslims stressing she was deeply revered by Sunni Muslims across the world, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Making his remarks in Friday prayer congregation, Molavi Esmaeil Zahi beckoned to the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Fatemeh (SA), the revered daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) hailing her immense contribution to the cause of Islam noting Sunni people had boundless love toward her.

“Love and respect to Ahlalbayt are of commonalities existing among Shiite and Sunnis,” said the Sunni prominent cleric urging Muslims from different Islamic sects and denominations to respect each other takes and thoughts which in turn led to boosting unity in the Islamic Ummah.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Friday Prayer Leader of Zahidan province counted unity as the secret for Muslims triumph and a means for reasoning out the standing setbacks and problems among them.

In anohter line of his speech, Molavi Abdol Hamid Esmaeil Zahi demanded worshippers to be too well united against the enemies and take their steps in promoting rapprochement and solidarity in the World of Islam.

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