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Iraq: Senior ISIL Commander Killed in Diyala Province

12 March 2016 17:01


The Iraqi security forces continued their advances in Diyala province, killing scores of terrorists, including a top ISIL commander, in fierce clashes in the Northern part of Baqouba.

“Abu Hamam, nom de guerre Zarqawi of Hamrin region in Diyala province, was killed in Akbashi area while commanding a terrorist operation there,” the Arabic-language al-Sumeria news channel quoted Commander of Diyala Police Department Brigadier General Jasem al-S’adi as saying on Saturday.

Al-S’adi noted that Abu Hamam was known as Zarqawi of Hamrin because he was as dangerous as former Al-Qaeda leader in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

The Diyala police commander underlined that the death of Abu Hamam was a bad blow to the ISIL in Iraq.

“Abu Hamam had masterminded three major terrorist blasts that killed tens of Iraqi citizens,” Al-S’adi added.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, Iraqi sources announced that a senior commander of the ISIL terrorist group was killed in an Iraqi army operation in Anbar province, Western Iraq.

Sources from the Iraqi Army’s “Special Forces” said that Ismail Yusuf, nom de guerre Abu Mustafa Al-Muhajir, was killed along with nine of his comrades during the Iraqi Army’s operation in Albu Shejel area in Anbar province.

Yusuf was among the ISIL’s top military commander in Iraq’s al-Saqlaviyeh region.

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