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Iraqi Army Very Close to Heet Region in Anbar Province

12 March 2016 16:56



The Iraqi army and volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) continued their advances in Anbar province and are now very close to Heet region in the Western province.

The Iraqi forces managed to seize back al-Safira region to the South of Albu Tayeban in Anbar province paving their way to get close to Heet region.

Al-Safira region is located to the West of al-Sarsar on the Eastern side of Al-Anbar province.

The Iraqi army and volunteer forces also purged terrorists from al-Sokriya region in Western Anbar province.

The Iraqi military forces also started fresh operations towards al-Akaba region and pushed the terrorists back.

In a relevant development on Thursday, a security source in Anbar province said that Iraqi fighter jets heavily bombarded the ISIL terrorist group’s positions in the town of Kabisa Northwest of Ramadi.

“The air raid was conducted as the Iraqi security forces began the mop-up operation to purge the liberated parts of Kabisa from ISIL militants,” the sources said.

On Wednesday, Iraqi media cited a security source in Anbar province as saying that the ISIL’s self-proclaimed governor of Kabisa District had been killed in an airstrike by the international coalition West of Ramadi.

The source said in a statement received by Iraqi News that “the international coalition aviation, in coordination with the army’s Seventh Division, bombarded one of the strategic ISIL headquarters in the district of Kabisa south of Heet, 70 km west of Ramadi”.

The source also added, “The bombardment resulted in killing a number of ISIL elements, including the Wali (governor) of Kabisa District as well as a prominent leader of the terrorist group.”

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