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Yemeni Army’s ballistic missile strike rocks the Saudi-led Coalition in Al-Lahj

12 March 2016 13:25



The Yemeni Army’s Rocket Battalion fired a Qahir-1 ballistic missile at the Al-‘Anad Military Base on Saturday morning, inflicting heavy losses on the Saudi-led Coalition forces in the Al-Lahj Governorate. According to a report from the Yemeni Army, the missile strike was a direct hit on the Saudi Army’s military camp inside the Al-‘Anad Base.

This latest attack on Saturday morning is the 2nd ballistic missile strike conducted by the Yemeni Army’s Rocket Battalion in the last 24 hours. The overall death toll from today’s attack is still unknown; however, the Yemeni Army reports significant casualties for the Saudi-led Coalition.

As a result of these attacks, the Saudi-led Coalition and the Hadi loyalists that are entrenched with them have been forced to seek cover in order to evade anymore of these ballistic missile strikes.

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