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Sheikh Qaouq: Saudis Plan for Sedition in Lebanon as in Iraq, Syria, Yemen

13 March 2016 16:16



Vice Chairman of the Executive Council of Hezbollah Sheikh Nabil Qaouq pointed out Saturday that the Saudi regime is targeting the Lebanese army identity in forcing it towards a clash against the resistance.

“Saudi politics are dangerous and a threat to strategic stability and national unity of Lebanon,” his eminence said, adding that “the Saudi regime incites Lebanese against each other and wants to ignite the fire of sedition in Lebanon as it did in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other countries.”

Sheikh Qaouq indicated that “the Saudi regime is slaying itself. As it classifies Hezbollah as terrorist, it is doing bad for itself.”

“Through its decisions in the Gulf Cooperation Council or the Arab League, the Saudi regime is using all its might and power to wage a local, regional and international aggression against Hezbollah, but it failed to do so,” Sheikh Qaouq went on to say.

His eminence stressed that “the Saudi, Gulf and Arab decisions do neither worry us, nor weaken us, nor hinder our way. Their decisions have failed to undermine our determination and our dignity.”

“On the other hand, we will stay where we are, and we will be present where we must be in order to protect our people and our nation, regardless of their acts and deeds,” he stressed, adding, “Lebanon will not change its position, role and identity regardless of the international, Arab, Gulf and Saudi decisions and pressures.

At the end of his speech, Sheikh Qaouq reiterated that “Lebanon is neither a Saudi emirate, nor a Saudi affiliate,” and that “Lebanese people is neither humiliated nor a parish of the ‘Kingdom of terrorism’, and will never be.”

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