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US police pepper-spray Trump protesters

13 March 2016 15:53



US Police have used pepper spray on protesters outside a presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s rally in Kansas City, Missouri.

A video from outside of Trump’s rally shows at least five police officers using pepper spray against protesters.

Kansas City Police confirmed that officers resorted to pepper spray on angry protesters in the streets around the Midland Theater on Saturday.

“We had to use pepper spray 2 times outside Trump rally and arrested 2 people who refused to follow law,” Kansas City Police tweeted on Sunday.

Chief Darryl Forte of Kansas City police defended the use of pepper spray, saying it is “better than a riot with mass casualties”.

Police also said that they used a “fogger” to disperse “two large groups (200+) preparing to fight”.

Trump is increasingly facing angry protests at his rallies in different US cities.

During a rally in Dayton, Ohio on Saturday, a man charged the stage where Trump was speaking before he was arrested by Secret Service officers.

On Friday night, clashes broke out between Trump supporters and protesters, forcing the real estate mogul to postpone his campaign event in Chicago.

Earlier on the same day, Trump was interrupted by protesters several times during a rally in St. Louis, Missouri. It led to at least one injury and 32 arrests.

Trump’s campaign has been marked by controversial statements and disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants and Muslims.

He has called for a total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. He has also pledged to deport undocumented workers from the US and build a wall on the Mexico border.

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