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1 in 3 Syrian children born during war: UNICEF

14 March 2016 15:23


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says one in three Syrian children have been exposed to war since birth, as the foreign-backed militancy in the Arab country enters its sixth year.

On Monday, UNICEF said in a report that millions of young children in Syria have known nothing since birth but war and have either been forced from their homes, lost parents, or forced to work.

“Every Syrian child under the age of five has known nothing but a lifetime shaped by war – that’s an estimated 2.9 million children inside Syria and at least 811,000 in neighboring countries,” the UN agency said.
According to the report, more than 200,000 children live in areas under siege inside Syria. It also said about 2.1 million kids living inside the country and some 700,000 in neighboring countries were currently out of school.

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