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Iraq preparing to oust Daesh militants near Kirkuk

16 March 2016 19:20



The Iraqi umbrella of paramilitary organizations (PMU) also referred to as the ‘Popular Mobilization Units’, have had a meeting in Kirkuk to discuss operations with the Peshmarga. Spokesman Hadi Al-Ameri of the Badr Militia group, which is currently, the biggest paramilitary group in Iraq has confirmed the meeting and objectives of this meeting.

The operation will include the Iraqi security forces, which consists of the PMU, Peshmarga, Iraqi army, and the federal police. The objective is to oust Daesh militants from the wealthy oil refineries of Kirkuk. Additionally, Iraqi forces are willing to cooperate together to take territory back stretching from Kirkuk, Baji, and eventually to Al-Shirqat.

This will be all part of measures to secure the road to Mosul, according to Al-Abadi, Iraq’s PM, 2016 will be the year that Daesh will no longer exist on Iraqi soil. Moreover, the measures that are taken in Kirkuk are also part of the actions that are against the atrocities of Daesh, which are committed against the population of Taza. Hadi Al-Ameri and various Iraqi officials have made comments regarding these crimes. Even the Iraqi PM wants revenge and punishment for the committers of these crimes.

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