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37 ISIL Members, Ringleaders Killed in Northern Iraq

17 March 2016 14:40


2 senior ISIL commanders along with 35 other terrorists were killed by the Iraqi forces in the Northern city of Hawijah.
As clashes continue between the Iraqi forces and the ISIL militants in Kirkuk province, 37 members of the terrorist group were killed in the Iraqi army’s airstrikes in Hawijah city.

The terrorist ringleaders who were killed in the Iraqi air force attacks were named as Abu Omar al-Tounesi and Abu Walid al-Zarqani.

Also on Monday, at least 27 ISIL terrorists were killed by the Iraqi army in the Iraq’s province of Kirkuk.

Iraqi army killed the militants in the Northern province of Kirkuk near the site of the recent usage of chemical weapons by the ISIL, the military’s press service said Sunday, Sputnik reported.

Last week, the ISIL terrorists used chemical weapons for attacks on the northern Iraqi town of Taza in the province of Kirkuk that have killed a child and injured hundreds of civilians.

According to the military, Iraqi artillery shelled the ISIL positions near Kasbah Bashir settlements that were used to launch missiles rigged with toxic substances.

Kirkuk province has repeatedly been at the epicenter of fierce clashes between the ISIL and Iraqi forces since the jihadist group captured vast parts of Iraq in June 2014.

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