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Calm prevails over Qamishli after Kurds and government forces make peace

17 March 2016 7:32



The situation in the Al-Qamishli District became very tense when Kurdish security forces (Assayish) mobilized near the Security Box that leads to the Qamishli Military Airport and arrested several fighters from the National Defense Forces (NDF). This situation prompted the NDF to apprehend several members of the Assayish forces in retaliation for the earlier arrests.

Finally, the Syrian government reached out to the Kurdish regime officials and a meeting was held to ease the tensions. Both sides agreed to release the prisoners they took today and cease all hostilities in order to restore stability to the Al-Qamishli District.

According to government sources, the National Defense Forces became hostile to the Assayish when they began to swell their numbers near the security in Al-Qamishli; this resulted in a verbal confrontation.

Tensions are high in Al-Qamishli today after the news of the PYD’s intention to announce the implementation of a federalist system in Kurdish controlled areas of northern Syria.

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