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Syrian Army, Popular Committees Impose Heavy Losses on ISIS in Damascus

17 March 2016 18:45

Syrian Army, Popular Committees Impose Heavy Losses on ISIS in Damascus

Scores of ISIS terrorists, including their ringleaders, were killed and many more were wounded after their gathering centers in the Northwestern part of Damascus were attacked by the Syrian army and popular forces.

The Syrian artillery units, supported by their allies, opened heavy fire at the ISIS concentration centers in Jaroud Flitah in the Western Qalamoun, which claimed the lives of many terrorists, including their leaders.

Also, the ISIS positions in the two passages of al-Zamarani and al-Qasira in the same region were shelled with artillery fire and rockets which destroyed the militants’ weapons and equipment.

In another development in Dariya, the terrorists violated the ceasefire which received the response of the Syrian army.

A top militant commander was killed on Tuesday as the vehicle carrying him was tracked and targeted by Syrian army on a road in Eastern Qalamoun in Damascus province, an informed source said.

“One of the top leaders of Ahrar al-Sham terrorist group, Yamen Kan’an also known as Abu Hifs, was killed in the car carrying him along with some of his comrades on a road near the city of al-Nasiriya in Eastern Qalamoun,” the military source on the ground said.

Ahrar al-Sham is an al-Qaeda linked group fighting against the Syrian government and is considered as a terrorist group active in the country.

Also on Monday, in Damascus province, terrorists of another Al-Qaeda affiliated group, the al-Nusra Front, conducted attacks on the Syrian Army’s defenses at Jabal Waqa’at near the strategic town of Al-Tal in the last couple of days, resulting in a violent confrontation with pro-government troops, army sources said.

The Syrian Armed Forces repelled the al-Nusra attack, killing Eight militants before the group retreated towards the village of ‘Ayn Mineen in the western parts of Damascus province, the sources reported; FNA reported.


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