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Army Conquers Mountains, Blocks ISIL Supply Route in Qalamoun

18 March 2016 14:56



The Syrian army and Hezbollah forces’ rapid advance in the Western parts of Damascus province led to the freedom of two strategic mountains and closing an ISIL’s supply route in Qalamoun region.

The Syrian and Lebanese forces retook control of Maksar al-Nimr and Taniat Rashid mountains near al-Mahasa region in the Eastern parts of Qalamoun.

They also managed to block the ISIL terrorists’ supply road in Tal Zaba’ and al-Biyarda regions.

In another development in Qalamoun, several ISIL military vehicles, two of them equipped with heavy 23-mm machine guns, as well as a tank were destroyed by the Syrian army’s fire.

During the clashes on Friday, also scores of the ISIL terrorists were killed and several others wounded in the region, with a number of them fleeing to the East.

On Thursday, the Syrian army forces and their allied Hezbollah fighters carried out several attacks against the ISIL terrorists in the Western regions neighboring the Qalamoun Mountains, killing several militants at the Syrian-Lebanese border.

“The Syrian Army soldiers and Hezbollah carried out attacks at Jarod Qarah in Syria and Jarod Arsal on Lebanese soil near the border, disrupting an ISIL gathering near the Arsal border-crossing,” a battlefield source said.

The source added that the Syrian army troops and Hezbollah also targeted ISIL positions at Zamrani and Qusira border-crossings Northwest of the Qalamoun Mountains.

After the Syrian jets heavily pounded ISIL positions, Hezbollah and the Syrian Armed Forces continued their offensive on ISIL positions, attacking several ISIL hideouts at the Qalamoun Mountains’ Western slopes near the Lebanese border.

“Clashes are still ongoing,” sources said, and added, “However, ISIL is under attack from several directions, including the Quaryatayn region of Homs province.”

Earlier on Thursday, scores of ISIL terrorists, including their ringleaders, were killed and many more were wounded after their gathering centers in the Northwestern part of Damascus were attacked by the Syrian army and popular forces.

The Syrian artillery units, supported by their allies, opened heavy fire at the ISIL concentration centers in Jarod Flitah in the Western Qalamoun, which claimed the lives of many terrorists, including their leaders.

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