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Destruction of ISIL Vehicle in Sweida Kills, Injures All on Board

18 March 2016 14:47



The Syrian troops targeted a military vehicle carrying the ISIL militants in Northeast of Sweida province, killing and wounding all on board.

The vehicle, equipped with heavy machine guns, was intercepted by the army in al-Qasr village and was destroyed by a precision-striking attack which killed and injured all the terrorists inside.

Earlier this month, the Syrian army soldiers and their allies in National Defense Forces (NDF), tipped off by intelligence agents, stopped a vehicle laden with a large amount of ammunition and almost half a ton of TNT explosives on a road between Sweida and Dara’a province and seized its illegal cargo, military sources said.

Military sources said the seizure of the vehicle fully laden with rockets, mines and artillery shells and almost half a ton of TNT explosives was done on a remote road between two towns of Beka and Smad in Southern Sweida province near the Syrian-Jordanian border, as it was carrying the ammunition from the Dara’a for the militants lurking in the Syrian desert. “However the Syrian army forces and their allies successfully tracked and stopped it.”

The sources added that the seized explosives were highly powerful, “but the operation to seize the consignment went on smoothly without any significant incident”.

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