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Houthis retaliatory strike kills 50+ Saudi Coalition fighters

18 March 2016 6:51



Houthi forces launched a retaliatory strike against the zionist Saudi regime-led Coalition in the Mareb Governorate after the latter massacred 148 civilians in the Hajjah Governorate the day before. According to Al-Jabhah News, the Yemeni Army’s rocket battalion and the Houthi forces launched a Qahir-1 ballistic missile at the Tadawin Military Camp, killing 50+ Saudi-led Coalition fighters and wounding 80 others.

The Saudi-led Coalition is struggling to regain ground against the Houthi forces and Yemeni Republican Guard; this has forced them to carry out indiscriminate attacks against the civilian populous.

The United Nations has announced that they will be investigating the Hajjah Massacre that took place on Tuesday; this will be one of the first times that the U.N. will examine the Saudi-led Coalition’s brutality against the Yemeni people.

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