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Iraqi Forces Infiltrate into Heart of ISIL Land in Kirkuk

18 March 2016 6:46



The Iraqi popular forces broke the ISIL defense lines in the Northern province of Kirkuk and infiltrated into the central parts of ISIL-controlled regions.

The Iraqi forces reached the Central parts of al-Hawija city in Kirkuk and planted bombs in the region.

After the successful operations, they managed to flee the scene and deploy their forces in secure areas.

The volunteer forces then exploded the planted bombs by remote-control systems, destroying the terrorists’ command center in Hawija.

Earlier this month, Iraqi air force jets killed at least 50 ISIL members in Kirkuk province.

Iraqi air force jets killed at least 50 ISIL terrorists in Kirkuk province, including fighters hailing from the Caucuses, the Joint Special Operations Command said.

“Iraqi F-16 aircraft…directed air strikes resulting in the destruction of four ISIL terrorist bases, four bomb-making and anti-aircraft weapons making labs, and killed over 50 terrorists, including from the Caucasus planning suicide attacks in Hawija,” the command said in a statement on its website.

Kirkuk province has repeatedly been at the epicenter of fierce clashes between the ISIL militants and joint Iraqi forces since the jihadist group captured vast parts of Iraq in June 2014.

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