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Cleric underlines security for Iranian Hajj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia

19 March 2016 17:21



Tehran’s Interim Friday Prayers Leader accused Saudi Arabia of “lying” about ensuring safety of the Hajj pilgrims, asking the Iranian officials to deal with the issue very carefully to ensure security of the country’s pilgrims and prevent another disaster like the deadly Mina tragedy in 2015.

“If the (Iranian) officials say that the Saudi government has guaranteed to protect the lives of pilgrims, they should be told that Saudis are lying,” Tehran’s Interim Friday Prayers Leader, Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani, said on Friday, Tasnim News reported.

He said the Riyadh regime lacks the competence to protect the lives of Iranian pilgrims, making a reference to comments by some Saudi clerics who “regard Iranians and Shiite as non-Muslims, the killing of whom is religiously recommended.”

“How can they (Saudis) protect the lives of Iranian pilgrims in such biased atmosphere?” he asked.

Ayatollah Movahedi Kermani then called on the Iranian officials to be cautious, saying the bitter memories of the Mina tragedy are still fresh.

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