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Syrian Army Troops Smash ISIS, Continue Advance in Homs Province

19 March 2016 9:37
Syrian Army Troops Smash ISIS, Continue Advance in Homs Province

Syrian Army Troops Smash ISIS, Continue Advance in Homs Province


The Syrian Army units continue advances in Eastern Homs, inching closer to the ISIS’s stronghold city of Palmyra (Tadmur), reports said on Saturday.

According to several military sources in Homs battlefields, the pro-government forces, including the Syrian army and popular forces keep on advancing against the terrorists’ positions, forcing them to retreat from the their positions and establishing control over Tal al-Matar near Tadmur Citadel, Eastern Homs province.

The ground operation is supported by aerial attacks, the sources said, adding that “the Russian fighter jets have carried out several airstrikes over ISIS positions in areas around Palmyra airport, inside the city and its Western suburbs, inflicting huge damage on the terrorists”.

“In the meantime, the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces continued fierce battles with ISIS terrorists to crush them in rugged areas of al-Taar, al-Hayal, al-Muthalath, al-Zakareh and in regions just outside the city of Tadmur, killing several terrorists and damaging their military hardware,” the sources further added.

The news on militants’ loss is circulating as the Syrian Army and its allies are making major advances against the terrorist groups in areas near the city of Tadmur and pushing back the militants from more regions in the Eastern parts of the Homs province.

On Thursday, military sources reported that tens of terrorists were fleeing Homs battlefields Eastward to the ISIS stronghold city of Palmyra as Syrian army troops alongside the popular forces continued to smash the terrorists in the Eastern part of province.

“The ISIS Takfiri terrorists left behind several dead and several more wounded members and fled their positions in Palmyra desert in the Western swathes of the ancient city of Palmyra,” the battlefield sources said.

The Syrian soldiers and their allies are capturing the ISIS fortifications and strongholds in Homs one by one, moving toward the ancient city Palmyra; FNA reported.

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