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Assad urges Muslims to unite against terrorism

21 March 2016 13:13


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has called on Muslims across the world to unite and fight against terrorism posing a threat to the region and the globe.

Assad made the remarks during a meeting of members of the General Secretariat of the Arab and Islamic Gathering Forum on Supporting the Resistance, in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Sunday.

The Syrian leader said there was an urgent need for Muslims around the world to show sincere and honest efforts to prevent the spread of terrorism.

Assad emphasized the significance of such gatherings and organizations in “raising awareness” and countering plots by Western powers which he said are aimed at stripping Arab nations of “our Arab and Islamic identity.”

He added that such “fortification” is very important as a foreign-backed intellectual war is also being fought alongside the deadly militancy gripping the country and region over the past few years.

Delegation members from 28 states taking part in the forum also said Damascus is being targeted for its support for resistance against Western and Zionist plots.

They also warned against dangers posed by Saudi Arabia, which is currently engaged in a deadly military air campaign against Yemen.

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