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Zionist Israel adjourns discussing the execution law against Palestinians

22 March 2016 11:23


The Israeli occupation has adjourned the discussion of the execution law against Palestinian activists to the end of March, Haaretz newspaper reported.

It was decided to discuss the legitimization of the execution law by the Israeli ministerial committee on Sunday. The law was called for by Israel Beiteinu party and stipulates for facilitating death penalty against Palestinians who are convicted of carrying out attacks against Israeli targets.

The newspaper expected the proposed law to be endorsed by the committee in preparation for putting it into vote at the Knesset for final ratification.

The Israeli occupation has not decided yet whether the coalition members in the committee will be allowed to support the law or not, the newspaper pointed out.

For his part, Israel Beiteinu right-wing party led by Avigdor Lieberman slammed the decision, saying that the government adjourned the discussion because of its fears of international condemnation.

Lieberman had repeatedly demanded executing Palestinian prisoners for carrying out attacks against Israeli targets. He renewed his demand of killing Palestinians who conduct anti-occupation attacks as an attempt to halt the Jerusalem Intifada after the failure of all of the Israeli repressive procedures in this regard.

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