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Iraqi Army Makes New Military Gains in Nineveh Province

25 March 2016 23:10



The Iraqi army and volunteer forces made considerable advances against the ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Nineveh province.

The Iraqi army along with popular forces have pushed the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group back in their offensive on Mosul and much of the occupied Nineveh province, an informed source said.

“The Takfiri terrorists are suffering heavy losses in Nineveh province, and are forced to retreat after crushing defeats in battles against the Iraqi army and popular forces. Militants are also suffering huge losses in the battle against the Iraqi armed forces that are approaching ISIL’s main stronghold city of Mosul,” the source added.

“The army of Iraq and the militias composed of Nineveh province residents have already liberated the villages of Munantar, Tel-Shair, al-Nasr, Qarmadi al-Salahia, al-Hitab an Qudila,” press secretary of the National Mobilization Forces Mahmoud al-Surji announced.

The Iraqi Army and popular forces have begun military operations to retake the Northern province of Nineveh from ISIL on Thursday.

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